2019 – Can Soybeans and Corn Rally Strongly in 2019 In Spite of Huge Crops?

Soybeans and corn have been in a MAJOR bear market since mid-2012. With the record carryover in soybeans and the huge carryover in corn, can they rally strongly in 2019?

A significant cycle discussed in this short video is the Biblical Cycle of “7-Years of Abundance and 7-Years of Famine” I believe this cycle clearly lays out what can happen in 2019. This analysis alone is worth the fee for the 200 page +/- manual.

Besides this ancient cycle, the weather this coming year may be a doozy. There is great conflict among meteorologists and climatologists as to what the weather holds for 2019. Some forecasts are 180* different than other forecasts. This video shows two such Forecast Maps for 2019 from well-respected sources.

NOAA just released their projections for the Winter-Spring and their projections are a middle of the road. This short video enumerates five factors that I use to that will shape the Winter-Spring.

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