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Harmonic Timing’s 2018 Forecast  
The “Must-Have” Annual Guide

For Producers and Traders

W.D. Gann advised that to make a Forecast twelve months in advance one must go back to find the patterns that unfolded in prior cycle years. He enumerated a number of cycles that one should study. It seems current day analysts (including myself at times) tend to focus on only one or possibly two prior cycle years to make their forecast. I have repeatedly used the 30-Year Cycle for comparative analysis. BUT Gann also listed a number of other cycles.

Harmonic Timing’s 2018 Forecast shows five prior years in soybeans that Gann advised to study. The Forecast shows and studies four prior years in corn. These prior cycle years give clear and useful projections for 2018.


This year the 2018 Forecast will not be presented in the usual weekend seminar. The forecast will be recorded on DVDs in four or five two-hour segments. There will be the usual 175 +/- page workbook-manual. This will be an invaluable reference manual as 2018 unfolds.


CUBIC STRUCTURES IN SOYBEANS: A number of prior attendees have asked why I have not updated the cubic structure in soybeans that was presented a few years ago. I have updated this original material. The 208 week and 260 week dimensions of the cubic structure continue to unfold right on schedule.

What these cubic structures project for the future will not be found anywhere else. It is unique to our research. Purchasers of the 2018 Forecast will have a competitive edge in their trading and marketing efforts.

WAR CYCLES: A few years ago, I was asked if I had done analysis of “War Cycles”. The short answer at the time was “no”. But since then I have published three papers about war cycles. Suffice it to say, the time interval from the early 2000’s to the early 2020’s is a “Crisis Time”. A “Crisis War” unfolds during a “Crisis Time”. Think the American Revolution (1776+/-), the Civil War (1860 +/-) , and WW II (1941-1945 +/-).

These “Crisis Wars” for the United States were separated by approximatley 80 to 85 Years. If we add 80 to 85 years to WW II, we find the early 2020’s. The early 2020’s are just 3 to 4 years into the future. I think you will find this new material quite interesting. It will likely start many discussions.

Here is a working outline of what you will find in the Forecast for 2018

  1. Bottoming of the 84-Year and 30-Year Cycles – What this means for the future.
  1. Similar Cycle Years (See what these prior cycle years show may happen in 2018) (This analysis is unique to Harmonic Timing.)
  1. Soybeans Geometry of the Cube & What it Portends (This analysis is unique to Harmonic Timing.)
  1. Intermediate-Term (Weekly Basis) Cycles
  1. Soybean & Corn Price Projections using three different methods.
  1. Additional Tools

Commitment of Traders Data
Market Sentiment

  1. Climate – For years I have discussed how Mother Nature is on a rampage…and this rampage is not over.
  1. Stocks & Bonds (When will the “Trump Rally” finally come to an end?)
  1. Cycles of War

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If you have questions about this coming year’s forecast, don’t hesitate to call us at (949) 464-1051. 2018 will be an exciting year with significant opportunities to take advantage of advances and declines as the year unfolds.




The Required Disclaimer: All information and data presented is believed to be from reliable sources and to be accurate. However, it may not be complete nor can its accuracy be guaranteed. Futures and option trading is inherently risky and should only be undertaken by individuals with adequate risk capital and who take responsibility for making their own decisions.



What participants say about Ernie Quigley 
and his Annual Forecasts


“Very enjoyable & productive as usual.” -Kathryn S., Kansas

“Good. Great! Lots of useful information.”  – Ed N., Nebraska

“I like the cycles discussions because while the market may not show the change coming, the cycles do. It becomes a money maker.” – James F., Missouri

“I thought the cycle ‘forensics’ tables were very useful. Thanks for your time involved to develop these.”  – Dee S., Nebraska

“Great weekend as every year has been! Helps to open our thoughts to the future markets for the coming year and make plans around the projections.” – James B., Minnesota

“Good information on potential direction of the markets. I like the comparison of the fundamental information along with the technical chart information.”  – Curtis S., Nebraska

“Give Ernie one weekend and he will teach you a year’s worth of information!” – D.E., Illinois

“Excellent seminar once again. Ernie was very efficient and thorough covering the material. I really enjoy the information presented on the stock market.”  – Andrew N., Nebraska

“Great to see old friends and review what is going on and get new ideas.” – John S., Kansas