What do the Patterns of the Decade project for 2019?

This video explains the “Pattern of the Decades” and how it is applied to Soybeans and Corn. It discusses the calendar years that are comparable to 2019.

Soybeans and corn have been in MAJOR bear markets since mid-2012. With the record carryover in soybeans (Can you believe 545 million bushels?) and the large carryover in corn (1.736 billion bushels), is it possible they can mount meaningful rallies in 2019? The Pattern of the Decades gives insights for the pattern of 2019.

Besides the Pattern of the Decades, this short video shows the topics that will be covered in the Climate-Weather section of the 2019 Forecast. There is great conflict among meteorologists and climatologists this year as to what the weather holds for 2019. Some forecasts are 180* different than other forecasts.

NOAA just released their projections for the Winter-Spring and their projections are a middle of the road. This short video enumerates five factors that I use to that will shape the Winter-Spring.

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