A Mid-Year Commentary on Soybeans & Corn (presented 6-12-24)

The Video shows the unfolding Daily Pattern of Soybeans and Corn. The Video shows the position of Weekly and Daily Momentum Measurements. The Video gives you the triggers I am following to indicate a bullish environment is developing. Click Here to

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Beans and Corn – Timely Commentary for the Next Eight Weeks

For over two years the 20 to 26-Month Interval of W.D. Gann’s 45-Year Cycle has projected a significant low in corn and beans during late-May/early June 2024. In this short Video Update, you will see how this dominant cycle is

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Can a Winter Rally Develop? (recorded 1-14-24

Soybeans are setting-up a Winter Rally that will last for a number of weeks! I am encouraging everyone to see how the current soybean market is unfolding…

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Update on the Current Cycles and Technical Tools of Soybeans and Corn (posted 6-6-23)

This video shows the Technical and Cyclical Tools that projected the recent resumption of the bull market in soybeans and corn. The recent bearish trend completed on May 31, 2023 at $12.70 ¾. Weekly Momentum has triggered a convincing bullish

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Commentary on the Trading Report (presented April 25, 2023)

This video shows how my technical and cyclical tools are used to develop entries into positions in soybeans and corn. The video uses the entry into long positions in soybeans on March 31, 2023 as an example. I believe you

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