Analysis of Corn & Soybeans for the Month of February 2020


For months I have advised of an important turning point in soybeans and corn that would unfold during February. Everything is falling into place. I am excited about the opportunity immediately ahead.

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A Special Update on the Pattern, Position, and Outlook for March Corn

For months I have advised of an important turning point in soybeans and corn that would unfold during February.

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Will there FINALLY be Bullish Markets in Soybeans and Corn in 2020?

Will there FINALLY be Bullish Markets in Soybeans and Corn in 2020?

What does the “Big Picture” look like?

Ernie Quigley’s 2020 Forecast

Both Soybeans and Corn have been in bear markets for 7-½ years, since June-July 2012. However, as subscribers know, my cycle analysis projects an important low during the 1st Quarter of 2020.

What comes after this low is the question. Will corn and soybeans have limited rallies or strong rallies in 2020? This will depend on fundamentals. There is much to monitor such as crop planting progress in Brazil and Argentina and the Weather outlook here in the U.S. Will there be a “Phase 1” agreement between China and the U.S? What about replacing NAFTA with the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)? These are all fundamental factors that will impact the price of corn and beans.

Using the geometry of W.D. Gann’s Angles and Cycles, I present price estimates for both limited rallies and strong rallies in 2020.

My 2020 Forecast has a number of charts I used to make these geometric projections so one can have a good understanding of how these projections are made. Read more ›

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Is a “Perfect Storm” Forming in Soybeans? (presented 10-07-19)

There have been a number of significant occurrences in the soybean market the past week to ten days.

This short video brings us up-to-date with unfolding cycles that indicate an important cycle low was made on September 9th and this cycle low was confirmed by the bullish pattern of 8-Week Momentum.

The video shows the Weekly Pattern is bullish.

The video shows the Daily Pattern is bullish.

The video shows that an Elliott Wave overlay on the Daily Pattern projects much higher prices.

The behavior of the Commercial-Hedgers confirms this bullishness. This is reinforced by the fact that the Large Speculators are buying beans. They are now NET LONG futures and options contracts.

The Video closes by showing three cycles that have Cycle Turn Windows projected for mid November. November will be an important time for soybeans.

I hope you find the video interesting and useful. Read more ›

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Can Corn Have a Substantial Multi-Week Rally in 2019?

How will delayed planting of corn impact yields? Is 166 bpa a reasonable expectation? Is there merit to Iowa University’s projection of 135 bpa?

I have put together a video that discusses yields, patterns, cycles, and price potential based on three specific years that had late planting and early frosts. Two of the three patterns that unfolded during these comparable years are similar. They show the patterns of what is likely to unfold this year.

So far 2019 has been a difficult year, and it doesn’t appear to be getting any easier. I firmly believe the information in this video can help you in the weeks and months ahead. Read more ›

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