2019 – A Year of Surprises for Soybeans & Corn?

Soybeans and corn have been in a MAJOR bear market since mid-2012. With the record carryover in soybeans and the huge carryover in corn, will the bear market continue?

I have recorded a short video about Harmonic Timing’s 2019 Forecast and what it portends about this bear market.

There is great conflict among meteorologists and climatologists as to what the weather holds for 2019. Some forecasts are 180* different than other forecasts. This video shows two such Forecast Maps for 2019 from well respected sources.

This video has a short section on our unique “Cube of 220 in Time” and how deadly accurate this analysis can be when combined with our proprietary cycles.

The behavior of the Commercial-Hedgers is a very useful tool that regularly captures important multi-week to multi-month bull market rallies. This video discusses the importance of the behavior of the Commercial-Hedgers in late 2018 and early 2019.

There are other tools that are discussed in the video. I hope you find this video useful as an introduction to 2019.

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Current Market Conditions for Corn & Soybeans (rec. 9-12-18)

This Video shows the long-term patterns of corn and soybeans. Both markets have been in a 6-Year plus bear market that started in 2012. There are some who are looking for the bearish markets to continue. Today’s WASDE Report did nothing to sooth the emotions in the agriculture markets.

This video analyzes the current patterns in soybeans & corn. You will see their daily patterns, and what they indicate is likely to unfold in the days ahead. You will see the position of Weekly Momentum Measurements, and if weakness or strength is likely to unfold in the days ahead. Contrary opinion of Bullish Market Sentiment is a very useful tool that indicates if a low or high is unfolding, or has been made. You will see the current positions of Bullish Market Sentiment for both commodities. Read more ›

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Conquering the Cycles of Agriculture (rec. 7-31-18)


I have just recorded a complimentary video that discusses two strong cycles that are about to impact corn and another two cycles that are about to impact soybeans.

You must be aware of these cycles…and what technical tools indicate is likely to happen during the next two weeks.

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Conquering the Cycles of Agriculture (presented 7-2-18)

I recently put together a presentation on “Conquering the Cycles of Agriculture” for a colleague.  After doing this I wanted to share the information with my subscribers, ex-subscribers, and friends. I spent the weekend putting together this presentation for you.

You will find information on the importance of W.D. Gann’s elliptical cycles, how to identify signs when a cycle is at a turning point during a Cycle Turn Window. You will find information on stalking entries into the markets. You will find information on the amplitude of cycles. Should the cycle result in a powerful turning point or will the turning point be limited?

I think you will find the information quite useful as the growing season unfolds.

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Soybeans – A Significant Change of Trend is Immediately Ahead (Rec. 4-26-18)


There seems to be more than usual anxieties in the agriculture markets. If it is not the possible trade embargo imposed by China, it is the cold soil as planting gets underway in corn and soybeans, or it is the drought in Argentina. This is when technical and cycle analysis excel as important tools.

Analysis of W.D. Gann’s cycles is at the core of my work. To my knowledge there is no other source available that duplicates our proprietary analysis of Gann’s work.

This video shows intervals of Gann’s 20-Year Cycle and how these intervals consistently align with multi-week to multi-month highs and lows. Intervals of the 20-Year Cycle have a Cycle Turn Window projected for the immediate future. This Cycle Turn Window will likely mark the end of the volatile weakness since the high of March 2, 2018. Read more ›

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