Update on the Current Cycles and Technical Tools of Soybeans and Corn (posted 4-18-23)

This video shows the Technical and Cyclical Tools that project the resumption of the bull market in soybeans and corn. The current “Pause to Refresh” will complete in the coming week.

I believe you will find this video quite useful at this time. It will give you guidance as spring planting unfolds. Don’t be left out! Read more ›

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Stalking “Monster Moves” in Corn and Soybeans Using the Commitment of Traders Data (Rec. 3-28-23)

There is a most useful tool to determine if a Bull Market is ready to explode. This tool is designed to follow the “800-Pound Gorillas” in the markets. To a very large extent, these “Gorillas” determine the direction of the Major Trends of markets.

The “800 -Pound Gorillas” are Commercial-Hedgers. When they change their behavior, it is a sign that changes must be expected in a market.

This video gives you the Three Steps I use to enter into a market based on the behavior of the Commercial-Hedgers. Read more ›

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Price And Time Projections for the Harvest Low in Beans and Corn (presented 8-30-22)

In this short video you will learn which powerful cycles will impact corn and soybeans at the Harvest Low.

In this short video you will learn the Ratio Price Projections for the Harvest Low.

In this short video you will see the possible Elliott Wave Pattern for both corn and beans. These patterns are different for each commodity. While the EW pattern of one commodity shows the decline from May/June will complete at the Harvest Low, the weakness in the second commodity is far from complete.

In this short video you will learn the times of the Harvest Low of the 20-Year, 30-Year, 45-Year, and 60-Calendar Year Cycles. These reinforce our Gann Cycle Projections. Read more ›

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A Winter Update: Bullish for Corn? You Betcha…You Will Be too Once You See Our Analysis!

Since October 10, 2022, corn prices paused in their bull market rally from July 2022. Since February 21, 2023, July corn dropped in a sharp decline from $6.70 to $6.14 ¼.

Is the decline in corn prices complete?

I have produced a short Video Analysis of the current cycles and technical patterns of July corn.

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2023 Forecast eBook

Conquering the Cycles of Soybeans and Corn

Ernie Quigley’s 2023 Forecast eBook


A HUGE Cycle bottom is developing. The last time this cycle bottomed was in 1977. Soybeans surged higher $4.96 to over 100% from $4.28 to $9.24 in seventeen months. Corn rallied higher from $1.69 to $2.29 in nine months. Can they do it again?

Our unique positioning of the intervals of W.D. Gann’s cycles regularly project WHEN agricultural prices are bottoming or peaking. This means you can know when to implement changes in your marketing and trading strategies. Take a look at the following chart.

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