Will the Bear Market in Soybeans Continue after this Week’s USDA Reports? (posted 1-9-18)


This video shows the current position of several technical tools that we favor here at Harmonic Timing.

The USDA Reports this Friday will be released during the above Cycle Turn Window. This indicates the odds strongly favor the Reports will have a meaningful impact on corn and soybean prices. Read more ›

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How to Capture the Power of Cycles in Agriculture

November Soybeans made an important low on August 16th at $9.21. Since that time November and March beans have traced out a pattern of Higher Highs and Higher Lows. This is the definition of a bullish trend.

This short video discusses the current patterns of tools we use at Harmonic Timing. These tools strongly show reasons to believe the low of August 16th will not be exceeded. Perhaps more important, these tools show the odds favor the low of October 12th in March soybeans at $9.79 ¼ will not be exceeded.

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Can You Believe It…Bullish Patterns in Corn & Soybeans! (recorded 9-18-17)

Bullish Market Sentiment in both corn and soybeans has recently been at bearish extremes. This suggests very few participants believe that an important low is in the position to unfold.

A large number of technical tools are developing bullish patterns that suggest multi-week to multi-month strength is in the position to unfold in the weeks ahead.

The tools analyzed and discussed in this video will show you that now is NOT the time to sell production nor to be trading from the short side of the market.

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New Video: New Price Projections & Cycle Turning Points for Soybeans and Corn (rec. 8-9-17)

Intervals of Gann’s 45-Year Cycle in soybeans and corn peaked and turned down on July 11th.

The questions now are, “How long will the current declines last?” “How far down is down?”

I have put together a video that wastes no time in answering these two questions. The video discusses two cycles that will likely mark the end of the current weakness. Traders and producers should be prepared for these cycle bottoms. Read more ›

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NEW Update of the Cycles and Technical Tools for Soybeans & Corn (posted 6-30-17)

July is a crucial time in the corn and soybean markets. At Harmonic Timing’s 2017 Forecast Presentation last December three dominant cycles were projected for July 2017. These dominant cycles are intervals of the 45-Year Cycle, the 20-Year Cycle, and the 14-Year Cycle

This year both traders and producers must be alert for opportunities. July will be one of those times.

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