It is fascinating to read about the accomplishments of W.D. Gann. It is no wonder that his exploits became legendary. The bottom line is that he reputedly made over $50,000,000 trading the markets. Pretty darn good when you consider his trading lifetime extended during the first half of the twentieth century.

Gann was the author of a number of books that extend from market analysis (How to Make Money in Commodities – Forty-Five Years on Wall Street), to the esoteric (The Magic Word), to an attempt to pass along knowledge in symbolic and veiled language similar to techniques of ancient writers (Tunnel Thru the Air – or Looking Back from 1950.) This last book was written in 1927 and predicted the time of the beginning and end of World War II.

Besides books W.D. Gann published several courses on stocks or commodities. He sold these courses for $3000-$3500 during the 1930’s.

A core foundation of each of these books and courses was Gann’s Major and Minor Cycles. His belief was that if you know what major cycles are repeating then similar patterns from the past will unfold as the cycle unfolds.

The amount of work that Gann required of himself was staggering. All of his studies of the past required hand charting of historical data. It is said that he had seven secretaries that charted his data but the only charts from his extensive collection are ALL in his handwriting. Anyone who studies W.D. Gann at some point asks themselves the question, “What could he have accomplished if he had calculators and computers?”

We have answered that question at Harmonic Timing. We have married Gann’s cycles to the computer. Historical comparative analysis that must have taken Gann weeks and months to accomplish can be completed using modern technology in a manner of minutes or hours. We not only have a data base of historical data but the software to measure Gann’s Cycles. We know when one of his Major cycles is completing. We know how to divide his cycles into smaller monthly and weekly intervals.

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