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Ernie Quigley’s 2024 Forecast eBook
a MAJOR Bull Market in Soybeans…
I Wish I could say the same for Corn

Are You Familiar with W.D. Gann’s “Master Time Factor”
His 60-Year Cycle?

Gann said his 60-Year Master Time Factor was significant because it was composed of three 20-Year Cycles and two 30-Year Cycles.

I have found his Master Time Factor can be very useful in the analysis of corn and soybeans. My 2024 Forecast shows and discusses this Master Time Factor.

Besides the “Master Time Factor” it is important to monitor other tools, specifically our proprietary Intervals of W.D. Gann’s cycles. When my unique cycles align with times of highs and lows of this Master Time Factor, one must be alert for a significant high or low. The timing of the 20 to 26-Month Intervals of Gann’s 45-Year Cycle align almost perfectly with his Master Time Factor in 2024.

Purchasers of my Annual Forecast and my monthly newsletters know that the behavior of the Commercial-Hedgers can be very important.

The behavior of the Commercial-Hedgers has a record of alerting one to WHEN there is potential for multi-week to multi-month strength to develop. The Commercial-Hedgers have already triggered a sign to expect multi-week to multi-month strength for soybeans; however, they have not traced out a trigger in corn.

My 2024 Forecast reviews and projects the behavior of the Commercial-Hedgers for both corn and soybeans.

The 2024 Forecast is covered in detail in a 100 page +/- electronic manual. This manual will be emailed by early January 2024.

The Forecast fee this year is a very reasonable $288.00 USD

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The 2024 Forecast will be available early January 2024 via a downloadable eBook. We will send an e-mail with instructions once it is ready to be downloaded. This is only available as an eBook. There will not be a hard-copy workbook mailed.

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What participants say about Ernie Quigley & his Forecasts & Seminars

“One of the best seminars I’ve attended. The cycle work looked very definite and the price projections for the next year looked very encouraging.” TP — Indiana

“We manage about 7000 acres of farmland and a $10 million stock portfolio. We find your research to be invaluable.” FE— Arkansas

Every year gets better. It’s great to come to the meetings and review the “big picture” of the markets and helps us plan for the future. Gives us a new roadmap – like GPS. Always need an update!” JB—– Minnesota

“Excellent work Ernie! Being a long term subscriber and seminar attendee I know Harmonic Timing’s Forecast will be well worth my time and money even before I attend.” DE—- Illinois

“The seminar will make a person money every year. You just need to invest. Thanks Ernie” JF — Missouri

“Once again – as usual – great seminar. Lots of good information. Liked COT report info again just to refresh.” EN— Nebraska

“Ernie really made things easy to understand and very logical. The content of the seminar was excellent and well presented.” JJ— Oregon

“…I look at the cycle turn projections and then run through my mind the different fundamental scenarios that could possibly develop to come to fruition at those cycles turn points.” CA—Minnesota

“The presentation was focused and well organized. Ernie’s knowledge and obvious passion for the subject rings through. The information shared opens up the mind and allows us to be mentally prepared for the market.” LN- Canada


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