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New Video: “Buy the Rumor – Sell the Fact?”
(presented 11-20-18)


“Markets are a-changing!”

The strength of the rallies in both corn and soybeans, since their lows on September 18th, has surprised many producers and traders.

A few weeks ago the trade believed a positive announcement in trade negotiations with the Chinese would send prices surging higher. Now, I am not so sure.

In my opinion, the expectation that trade negotiations would eventually get underway was a powerful force behind the rallies from September 18th in both corn and soybeans.

The strength since the lows of September 18th in both corn and soybeans is a sign that just maybe, a “Buy the Rumor – Sell the Fact” pattern is unfolding.

This short video discusses the strong patterns of Cash Soybeans and Cash Corn at Central Illinois and the patterns of March Soybeans and March Corn. The video discusses the unfolding momentum measurements in both corn and soybeans. It discusses Cycle Turn Windows that may align with the G-20 meetings in Argentina on November 30th-December 1st.


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