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A Large Number of Factors Project Bull Markets for Corn and Soybeans All the Way into May-June 2022!

  The 2021 Forecast shows the “13 to 15 Year” Bear Market measured from the high of July 2012. This section shows that soybeans and corn have completed the first half of this Bear Market. The second half begins with

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Beans & Corn – What can be expected…right now!

A Cycle High was made on September 18th. This high was confirmed by a bearish reversal in 8-Week The Weekly Pattern is bearish. The Daily Pattern is bearish. However… An Elliott Wave overlay projects a potential rally to $11.50 –

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New Research! It is Time to be Bullish for Soybeans and Corn into 2022!

We are setting up for HUGE rallies in both soybeans and corn that will last into 2022! I am encouraging everyone I know to learn how the current markets are unfolding…and how they foretell what to expect in the months

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A Timely Spring Update for Corn and Soybeans

For months I have advised of an important interval of W.D. Gann’s 84-Year Cycle that have turning points in soybeans and corn that would unfold  during March. The 84-Year Cycle is THE most dominant cycle in corn and soybeans. Everything

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Analysis of Corn & Soybeans for the Month of February 2020

For months I have advised of an important turning point in soybeans and corn that would unfold during February.

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