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2019 – A Year of Surprises for Soybeans & Corn?

Soybeans and corn have been in a MAJOR bear market since mid-2012. With the record carryover in soybeans and the huge carryover in corn, will the bear market continue? I have recorded a short video about Harmonic Timing’s 2019 Forecast

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Current Market Conditions for Corn & Soybeans (rec. 9-12-18)

This Video shows the long-term patterns of corn and soybeans. Both markets have been in a 6-Year plus bear market that started in 2012. There are some who are looking for the bearish markets to continue. Today’s WASDE Report did

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Conquering the Cycles of Agriculture (rec. 7-31-18)

  I have just recorded a complimentary video that discusses two strong cycles that are about to impact corn and another two cycles that are about to impact soybeans. You must be aware of these cycles…and what technical tools indicate

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Conquering the Cycles of Agriculture (presented 7-2-18)

I recently put together a presentation on “Conquering the Cycles of Agriculture” for a colleague.  After doing this I wanted to share the information with my subscribers, ex-subscribers, and friends. I spent the weekend putting together this presentation for you.

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Soybeans – A Significant Change of Trend is Immediately Ahead (Rec. 4-26-18)

  There seems to be more than usual anxieties in the agriculture markets. If it is not the possible trade embargo imposed by China, it is the cold soil as planting gets underway in corn and soybeans, or it is

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