The First Quarter of 2016 is Crucial for Soybeans & Corn (recorded 1-26-16)





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This Video Update covers:

  • The 30-Year Quarter Cycle. As you can see on the above chart, this cycle nailed the timing of the then historic high if July 3, 2008. This cycle has a major low projected for the 1st Quarter of 2016.
  • The video shows one of my proprietary intermediate-term (multi-week) cycles in corn and another cycle in soybeans that strongly reinforce the interval of Gann’s 30-Year Cycle.
  • The video discusses Weekly Momentum Measurements. It discusses how these measurements are used as guides to know when a Cycle Low is in place or unfolding.
  • At the end of the video I present Special Package Offers for past subscribers and those interested in the agriculture markets.
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Stalking the Fall-Harvet Lows in Corn & Soybeans (recorded 10-5-15)

  • This short video reviews the TIMES of the Harvest Lows for the past forty-four years in soybeans and twenty-nine years in corn. This can give you a guide to see what may unfold as harvest continues.
  • This short video discusses a very reliable cycle in both soybeans and corn that have Cycle Turn Windows projected for the near future.
  • This video discusses Weekly Momentum Measurements of November soybeans and December corn to see what they indicate can unfold during the next few weeks.
  • The video will conclude with a quick look at the current daily pattern of both corn and soybeans.
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Corn & Soybean Update (recorded 7-27-15)

Both beans and corn made lows during very early June and then during mid-June. Our proprietary cycles, weekly momentum measurements, and proprietary geometry proved to be quite useful as multi-week rallies in corn and soybeans unfolded.

Harmonic Timing’s proprietary cycles then had a Cycle Turn Window projected for mid July. This cycle, weekly momentum measurements, and proprietary geometry all indicated an important high was in place.

The strong rally that began in June was complete. The Summer-High was in place and a decline to the Fall-Harvest Low was underway.

Because of the potential for a multi-week to multi-month decline, during mid-July Harmonic Timing’s Trading Report, Twice-Weekly Updates, and Newsletters advised producers to market a portion of their 2015-16 production.

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Soybeans: A Momentous Development (recorded 6-29-15)

A persistent theme of my commentaries for the past several weeks has been that if there was to be a meaningful counter-trend rally this year, it was likely to unfold during June. A cycle bottoming process completed on June 15th and as anticipated, prices surged higher.

This Video updates the pattern of Cash Soybeans at Central Illinois and the cycle bottom of early June. The video updates the position of 8-Week Momentum and MACD Momentum. These momentum tools indicate strength is in the position to continue.

Now there has been a Momentous Development! The behavior of the Commercial-Hedgers tells us the current strength in soybeans will likely be stronger and last longer than originally expected.

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Corn & Beans: The Power of Cycles UPDATED (recorded 6-20-15)


  • This Video again updates the three multi-week to multi-month cycles in soybeans and corn that had Cycle Turn Windows projected for late May through early June. You will see how these cycle projections are working out in the current markets.
  • This Video Update shows the bullish 8-Week Momentum pattern of corn and soybeans. The video discusses how bullish MACD Momentum Measurements confirm 8-Week Momentum.
  • Confirmations of a turning point are cumulative. If a cycle low has been made, this video discusses potential bullish benchmarks and Ratio Projections for the days and weeks immediately ahead.
  • IF there is to be a meaningful counter-trend rally this year it is likely to unfold during June.
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